*Please read all the below points very carefully before you buy a green fee*

Green fees:

Before you play, you must buy your green fee on this website for the day you wish to play. These are available on the ‘buy green fees’ page. There may be fewer green fees available on some days to allow for maintenance. If you intend to play with a friend, and that friend is going to buy his/her green fee separately,  check the stock level first to avoid disappointment. Please be aware that if you do not buy your green fee before you travel, you may have a wasted journey.

When you buy your green fee you will be asked to give the registration number of the vehicle in which you will arrive. If you then need to take a different vehicle, please notify us via the website contact form, then leave a note inside your windscreen indicating the car registration number you initially supplied.

You will be issued a ‘colour of the day’ to download once you have bought your green fee(s). Please have this available on your mobile for our on-course checks.


You may arrive any time between 7.00 am – 7.00 pm on the day of your ticket (you may have to queue). When you arrive, signs will show you where you need to queue for tee-off, respecting social distancing measures. The  Golf Reception is not open on weekdays (except Bank Holidays) and each player must have his/her own set of clubs.

On the course:

Do not tee-off, or move on to the next hole, while there are still players on that hole. Respect social distancing measures at all times. Flagpoles must be left in the cup when putting. Take all litter (empty drink bottles etc) home with you.

We’ll be operating golf course patrols  through the day checking visitors against the visitor list for the day. Please have your mobile phone with you and display the ‘colour of the day’ when asked to do so by the golf patrol. 

No excuses will be accepted for failure to comply with any of the above rules.

Please note that the additional 6 holes (previously known as the ‘Church Course’) are no longer open.

The Loyalty Card scheme is currently suspended until further notice. This will be reintroduced once we can safely operate a manned Golf Reception again. Existing loyalty card expiry dates will be extended accordingly.

No printed scorecards will be available. There is a link to the Academy Course and Par 3 course scorecards on this website.

Finally, enjoy your round!